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British Airways G-EUPB Airbus A319 Overwing Emergency Exit Door

British Airways G-EUPB Airbus A319 Overwing Emergency Exit Door

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This exclusive overwing emergency exit door is taken from the airframe of a British Airways Airbus A319 (G-EUPB)


Our upcycling team refurbish the door to preserve the original patina of the aircraft so that no part of unique history is lost in the process.


Decalled with the statistics of the aircraft its been removed from.


Aircraft Airbus A319 is registered in United Kingdom with tail number G-EUPB. It is operated by British Airways and its age is 24 years (built in 1999). The aircraft weight is 35400 kg and it has 2 engines Jet with power of 108,9 kN kN each. The length of the plane is 33.84 m. The height of the plane is 11.76 m. The wing span is 34.09 m.


I have attached a screenshot of the airframe history and a few pictures showing where the exact door is from.


From the door of an aircraft to your living room or office. This is such an eye turning piece and you will not find another one like this or even the door on its own. This will have flown thousands and thousands of miles across the globe and is in impeccable condition for its age, it is truly one of a kind.


-Dimensions approx.


Height - 20cm

Length - 105cm

Width - 55cm

Weight 18kg

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